What Other Great Movie Rental Web sites Are There Like LOVEFiLM?

Part of the Amazon Group, LOVEFiLM appears to own the European DVD and stream rental market nowadays. Word on the street is it’s now over 2 million subscribers, renting more than four million DVDs monthly! Not to mention it is online streaming option “LOVEFiLM Instant!”

You will find several various alternatives to turn into a part of LOVEFiLM. Firstly you can opt to just rent real DVDs by post (no streaming). Secondly there is a sole online streaming option. Finally you can incorporate the two with a number of price options to suit even the most obsessed movie radical (see resources below for info and free trials on Netflix and LOVEFiLM). So I wondered, what some other sites are on the market that do a comparable task to this one? Are there any that do a better job? Let us take a look at the alternatives.

Blink Box

I first took a glance at the UK based Tesco owned company, Blink Box. I first of all noticed what could be a clear advantage over LOVEFiLM, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee! When using Blink Box, you “pay per title” so you only have to fork out after you actually feel like watching something. This would definitely appeal to a casual film watcher. Additionally, Film streaming has a helpful titles available, it appears even perhaps more than LOVEFiLM in the internet streaming department (boasts more than ten thousand available). Several films are actually free to view, and prices to rent seem pretty reasonable. So far so good for my search! Blink box appears to give a great option to folks who wouldn’t wish to fork out every month just for a few videos. Let us move on and have a peek at another internet site then.


Netflix is yet another website which has parallels with LOVEFiLM. However the pricing model is a great deal similar offering one flat subscription rate (£5.99 a month, one month totally free trial). It was founded in the US and has an extensive quantity of people over there, boasting around $1.5 billion revenue in 2011. It is also now smashing it within the European market and boasts to have over 100,000 titles available to enjoy online, from films to television series. In the opinion of mine, for the shear quantity of titles available, Netflix conquer LOVEFiLM hands and wrists down regarding value for money.

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