UHC Tremendous nine Professional Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gentle-314 – Every little thing You Need to have to Know

The UHC Super 9 Pro was a hit since its release. You won’t even come close to locating whatever’s too made or with such high performance as this sniper rifle for the purchase price. The Super 9 is the ideal selection for Airsoft players who are new to the marksman role. Its lightweight design enables its owner to modify positions freely without being bulked down. With a spring piston firing mechanism, the sniper rifle is almost silent when fired that gives a vital benefit to snipers who do not want to give away their position. With a muzzle speed of 380 feet per second and an effective assortment of 150 ft, you can take off your target with expert precision with a high rate BB.

The Super 9 features a bolt and 26 inch barrel constructed of complete metal. The receiver and stock are made of ABS plastic with a rubber butt pad that is very comfortable to use. The sniper rifle features a exceptional shell ejection port which isn’t located on any other sniper rifle. After every shot, the spent shell ejects outside as you prick back the bolt while the rotary magazine (included) loads another shell into the barrel. best airsoft sniper rifle adds in a level of realism into the rifle that cannot be matched. But if you are the trigger happy type of shooter who just wish to unleash round after round of havoc in your target then you will want to use the rod magazine and feeder adapter combo (also included). This may disable the shell ejection attribute as well as allow you to shoot 25 rounds before reloading.

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