QacQoc GN30H Premium USB-C Hub for MacBook 12 Reviews



Looking for an effective and highly functional USB C HUB for yourpersonal computer? Let us present you with GN30H by QacQoc! If you have read quite a few QacQoc GN30H U.S.B C HUB reviews, you may have noticed some of the exemplary

features that try to prove why this is an excellent buy. Read on this review to find out more.

Design and Features

1. Device compatibility.

GN30H offers power delivery for Chromebook Pixel, MacBook, and various other similar USB C devices. This hub can transfer data as well as charge devices simultaneously based on USB Power Delivery (PD) Specification, intelligently changing voltage between 14.5 and 20V. But you should keep in mind that GN30H is not compatible with devices based on Quick Charge (QC) 2.0/3.0 protocol. So if you have devices like Asus Zenbook3, Asus Transformer 3 Pro, and Samsung TabPro S, you won’t be able to charge them with this USB C HUB.

2. Functionality.

This great model is one of the most multifunctional hubs out there. Know why? It can offer SD as well as Micro SD slots as well as 1 Type-C, three USB 3.0, one HDMI, and one Gigabit Ethernet ports. GN30H’s functions will be working with almost any device type, so it should be enough for the most people out there!

3. 4k HDMI video output.

Another great feature of this hub is the 4k 30HZ video-output, which allows you to mirror your laptop’s display on any HDMI-connected device. This lets you share your experience and ideas through projectors and TVs and stream all your favorite movies from your device to your television set. 4k resolution provides you with great image on any device you are going to connect GN30H to. But remember that this feature is not compatible with HP laptops!

4. Fast data transfer.

With this little device, you will be able to freely access files from your USB thumb, smartphone, tablet, SD & Micro SD cards. In addition, you can connect your keyboard plus mouse for exceptionally easy operation. As for the 1000M Ethernet port, it will provide you with stable and outstandingly fast-hard network connection.

5. No heating and secure connection.

The newest line-access plug will allow you to not worry about losing the stable connection to your personal computer due to even the slightest movement. Besides, the plugged-in line-tailed USB will enforce the strong connection between your device and this hub. Lastly, the improved cooling system will free you from concerns about overheating. Just plug in your device and enjoy the fuss-free performance of GN30H!


· Supports a variety of devices thanks to memory card slots, USB and Ethernet ports, as well as an HDMI output.

· Charges your device and transfers data simultaneously.

· Easily works with USB PD protocol devices thanks to the intelligent power voltage.

· Can stream 4k video output to your HDMI-connected device.

· Ensures stable connection with no heat buildup.





· Not compatible with QC charging protocol devices, HP laptops, and some Dell monitors. But the list of devices not supported by GN30H is not that expansive. Besides, you will still be able to use the hub’s functionality at least partly, except for monitors.


Here you have our review of QacQoc-GN30H USB C HUB! As you could have seen, this device is one of the most functional hubs you can find out there. Yes, it has some drawbacks, but those don’t make GN30H bad in any way! This model is a worthy buy if its price and features are enough for you!

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