Protecting Your Pet

The safety redes de proteção market has become increasingly consolidated in large cities and to increase the safety of pets in homes and apartments it has been increasingly common to hire this service. Although dogs are a more traditional option, there has been a growing demand mainly for cats of various species and sizes, but there are also those who prefer rodents such as ferrets, chinchillas, guineapigs, hamsters, andwecannotforgettraditionalbirdssuch as canaries , calopsitas, parakeets, amongothers. When contracting the installation of a protection network in order to protect your pet, besides the usual care as a certification of product quality, guarantee offered by the company and average time of durability, it is necessary to clarify if the used network is ideal for the type of animal purchased.

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Knit Size


There are different mesh sizes. For those who have, for example, small birds such as canaries or parakeets, the ideal is to use mesh 3 mesh (with lozenges measuring 3 x 3cm each). The same goes for those who own small hamsters or even puppies of a certain breed of cat or dog. For medium-sized birds, cats or young puppies already in adulthood, it is advisable to install protection net with mesh 5, which is the most used in the facilities. When it comes to pets, it is common for pets to receive treatment as if they were family members, but it is not strange that some of them behave in a rebellious way, causing damage to the nets, compromising their own safety and forcing the call of an installer or the company that provided the service for repair, or when unavoidable, the exchange of the network, causing in more financial expenses. At Rede & Cia, wealwaysaskabout the reason for the installation. Whether it is for protection of children or animals.  When the intention is to protect animals, we know that some species may surprise the appearance of nets, after all, the novelty can mean limitations of locomotion, which causes beyond strangeness, stress, which can lead to bites and attacks on the network.

Care of the protection network


If this happens, we advise that they put pepper in the ends of the safety net or in more favorable places of the same of this happens with a spray, however, some veterinarians claim that this can lead in allergic reactions in the animal.  Of course this depends on each pet species, but do not despair! There are already repellents on sale at pet shops that solve the problem. Unlike the examples cited in this article, there are also people who want to ward off or prevent the entry of unwanted pets into the residence as pigeons to those who live in the center of large cities or birds found more commonly in the field or the mountains. The fact is that in the countryside or in the mountains, in the interior or in the big city, either to prevent escape and to protect, to avoid entering or departing, the safety nets have become a great alternative for those who have or want to have a pet in their House or apartment. For both cases, Redeciahasprofessionalsfocusedon meeting their needs in a fast, punctual and effective manner, with the objective of bringing greater security and tranquility. Request a free quote! We will be happy to meet you !!!

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