Pay a mini-loan that expires today. How to do it?

One of the doubts that Good Credit users usually have is if it is possible to make the payment of a mini-credit on the same day in which the deadline for its return expires, whose maximum period, at the time of hiring it is 30 days, from of the date it was granted.

In this post we will answer this very important question, because, as specified in the Frequently Asked Questions about loans, if the repayment of the mini- loan does not occur on the due date, the Good Credit policy is, as a first step, apply from that day late interest.

Indeed, if you are in that situation and the expiration date arrives, you can pay your Good Credit loan. For this there are 3 options that we tell you below.

Ways to pay a Good Credit, mini-credit the same day it expires

Ways to pay a Good Credit, mini-credit the same day it expires

The most recommended and simple is to make the payment online, from your user area (My Account), through l Good Credit automatic banking partner , which immediately records the payment. The refund is made in this area with a 100% secure platform .

Another option is to make a transfer for the amount of the mini-credit to the account number indicated in your user area (we can also provide it to you at the customer service telephone number 93 220 00 80). Said account number is a personalized IBAN for each user, for the sake of greater security and payment identification.

If you opt for this alternative, you must indicate in the concept section of the transfer the reference of your loan, as it appears in the contract of the same. And since a bank transfer can take time to become effective for the recipient within a period of up to 48 hours, to avoid problems you always have to keep the receipt of the same, either on paper or in electronic format.

A third option to pay the credit on the day of its expiration

Is by calling the Good Credit Recovery Department. After dialing 911436016 you just have to have your debit or credit card at hand to make the immediate payment of the mini-credit amount.

As you can see, it is very easy to pay your fast Good Credit loan even on the last day of expiration. But as we have told you, the fastest and easiest option is the first, through your user area (My Account) of Good Credit.

Please note that the content of this post does not constitute financial advice. We recommend that you consult your personal financial advisor before applying any advice or recommendation contained in this post.

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