How to ask for a quick loan?

In just over 1 minute we show you in the following video how to request a loan in Good Finance: Its two main characteristics are the simplicity in the application and the speed in its concession, being able to have money quickly. Before starting to request it, it is convenient to have a series of data at hand to speed up the process, such as our personal data, access to our e-mail, mobile phone, our bank account and our electronic copy of the DNI (in jpg image or format PDF)

This video explains how to ask for a quick loan with Good Finance. For more information and to know more about each of the steps to complete, continue reading this page where we detail each and every one of the fields to complete to request your loan in the shortest possible time.

A few steps will suffice to complete your loan application in Good Finance

A few steps will suffice to complete your loan application in Good Finance

The first thing is to access the website Good Finance There we observe that we can request from 75 to 750 dollars to return between 7 and 30 days. Once we have chosen through the sliding bars the amount we want and the period in which we want to return it, we continue by clicking on the “Request your loan” button. Next, we will enter an application form that will have to be filled out and sent once complete.

Personal Information

The first thing you should do is enter your e-mail and your personal data such as name and surname (s), date of birth, address, ID or NIE number and mobile phone number. Once you have completed this basic information, you will have to press the ‘Next’ button.

Employment situation and others


The following screen must indicate the employment situation (temporary worker, indefinite, self-employed, student, pensioner, official, etc.), the level of studies carried out and the business sector (if applicable).

Also here he asks about marital status (married, single, widowed, divorced …) and the number of dependent children. Once all is completed, it is necessary to click on the ‘Next’ button.

Next we will have to indicate the monthly net income and the expenses of the house (rent, mortgage, etc.) and of other loans (if they have) to the month.

Bank account and identity verification

Once all the personal and professional data have been entered, we must indicate the bank account in which we want to receive the fast credit money. For this it is necessary to follow the following steps:

Automatic account confirmation: This confirmation is made through Matico , an automatic online banking confirmation system. Using this option, the confirmation process takes only a few seconds. Here you will have to choose your bank and enter your online banking. This will proceed to verify bank details. After a short period of time the message “Process completed successfully” will appear. If the message “Bad ID or password” appears, the user is advised to re-enter it.

Once the bank account is confirmed, the identity verification steps come, which consist of the following:

Verification of identity : To know that they have not supplanted your identity to request the loan, we ask that you make a transfer of 1 dollars through the ‘Sofort’ platform. This dollars will be returned to your account once your identity is verified.

Identity verification by sending the identity document : This option will have to send a photo of the identity document or a scanned copy of the identity document in front and behind and in color. This document, either DNI or NIE, must be in force and be perfectly legible.

Assessment and confirmation

Assessment and confirmation

The loan has already been requested! Then the application begins to be evaluated, which will take only a few minutes. In addition, the applicant will receive an e-mail with the answer about the grant and the details of the loan granted.

It is then where the user must read carefully all the loan conditions detailed in the contract that has been sent attached in the e-mail. If the user accepts the loan conditions, he will receive an SMS to his mobile with a code so that he can confirm the loan offer with him. This is also considered the signing of the loan contract.

Here it is important to keep in mind that the sending of the loan contract will be to the e-mail that the applicant indicated in the application form as well as the SMS, which will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated in it.

What happens if the credit application has been denied

What happens if the credit application has been denied

This is another possibility, that after an assessment of the data indicated in the application, the loan is denied. This happens when the algorithm used in Good Finance determines that the creditworthiness of the applicant is not sufficient and granting the loan could lead to a difficult economic situation. If the loan is rejected, another one may be requested within 31 days by the same procedure described here.

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