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Fast credit or even instant loan: when something is promised to potential credit customers that often can not be met. They find in their loan offer significantly higher interest rates – or they receive a rejection immediately. The fact that we allegedly received free instant and consumer credit is in part an urgent warning. It suggests that we can immediately meet any request with credit. The ban also includes advertising that promises consumers a loan without a credit check (so-called “instant loans”).

Credit trap: Is it really worth it to achieve its goals ….

Many longings can not be met immediately with the monthly income alone. “” Today you buy – tomorrow you pay “…. in the morning on the radio station, shopping in the …. Advertising for credits immediately believes …. You are tempted to meet your needs immediately with a loan to satisfy. is a so-called “Fun Issue”, which is usually caused by advertising.

Troubleshooting payment transactions

Troubleshooting payment transactions

If you can not assign activities to your promotional account, follow the steps below to learn more about fees and possible causes. In the “Billing” section of the Ad Manager you will find the billing information for your advertising medium. Here you can view your payment history and check receipts for paid expenses for your advertising.

For more information about the individual charges, see the transaction overview in the payroll area of ​​your ad manager. Your promotional copy includes data such as the amount of money paid, the date of payment, the method of payment, and the ad for which you used the money. Keep in mind that it’s common for you to be charged for ads multiple times in the calendar month, and even if you’ve already stopped serving that ad.

Rather, they cause advertising costs, as far as they are placed and perceived by the people, and these are charged later. There are two ways to deduct these charges from your account: An invoice limit is an amount of money that you can use for an ad before we charge your account.

Whenever your advertising costs exceed your billing threshold, we will pay that amount to your account. Your monthly invoice date is the day on which we charge your account the fees for your advertising if you stay below your billing limit. Depending on your current advertising spend, your account may be charged multiple times or only once in a given period of time:

This allows you to control all your spend on an ad group (or campaign). This is the average amount that you provide per day for a specific ad or ad campaign. If you have more than one activated ad group in your account, keep in mind that each ad group has its own budget.

Money for your budget

Money for your budget

This is the value that you want to spend for the entire duration of your advertising group or advertising campaign. In our calculation system it is attempted to divide the amount of money evenly over the period of time specified by you. Note: Imagine that you have set a time budget, not a daily budget, if you only want to spend a certain amount of money for the duration of your ad.

If you share your payment method or promotional account and can not reconcile payouts from your account, contact the appropriate staff first. It is customary in such cases that someone else will place separate advertising on your form of payment or your advertising account. In the section “Roles for the advertising account” you can see who has access to your user account.

By checking your bank statement, you can also see the current promotions in your promotion account. If you have already verified this, but still can not match the purchases and believe that your account has been breached, notify us!

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